How Indians Named Their Children


Names help us to develop an identity that defines who we are, and what we stand for in society. In this article, we are going to talk about popular American Indian names. Unlike modern day Americans, Native Indians did not just randomly choose a name for their children.

Native Indian Names Were A Form of Blessing
They considered names to be a special part of their culture and had to be given some thought before naming a child. Instead, they followed certain traditions and customs to help to make sure children benefited from the names they got. Because an Indian bears different names at different stages of their lives, they believed that it was important that each child got a name that would help them to become great people in society.

Names were Never Used Casually
As the child grew to become an adult and bag some achievements, the tribe would reward them by giving them titles, and that included change of names. It was therefore not possible for a normal child to grow old with their childhood name. Overall, because of their special meaning, Indians never used names to get the attention of a person casually.
Overall, Native Americans did not have popular names, what they had were people who had made a success out of their lives.